I have an Asus EEE PC and I can’t boot from a bootable USB key. What should I do?

This has been tested while successfully trying to install Windows 7 from a bootable USB key on a Asus EEE Pc 1008HA netbook. The same instructions may apply to other netbook models and/or operating systems: in this case, read your user manual to check what are the correct keys to be pressed to perform the actions described in this recipe. Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your netbook.
  2. Turn it on, and keep pressing F2 repeatedly unless the BIOS screen appears.
  3. In the Boot section, disable Boot Booster.
  4. Plug your bootable USB key in a USB port.
  5. Press F10, then Enter to confirm. The netbook will reboot.
  6. Keep pressing ESC repeatedly unless a boot menu appears.
  7. The menu displays a list of bootable devices. Choose your USB key and press Enter.

You’re done! You may want to re-enable Boot Booster following steps 1 to 3 again, and then pressing F10 and Enter to confirm the changes you made to the BIOS configuration.

UPDATE: User Kityspit has written some additional instructions for the Asus 1225b netbook. You can find them here.

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  4. hi, i have an asus eee pc seashell series, i tried all methods just to enter to boot menu but still unlucky.
    i want to reformat my asus eee pc for some reasons.
    first, when i install browser it will create a desktop icon, then the shortcut icon is unusable for it just open up at the windows picure manager. and all of the desktop icons were like those one.
    second, i can’t boot it from usb for i can’t enter into boot menu. pleae help.

  5. hi Mr. Zuliani! my 9 years old son got a Asus eee pc x101CH for his birthday . He just drop it..! Now it has a blue screen with the Bios setup utility (year 2011) this version is different from the version used for the troubleshooting support from Asus website.. This mean I can’t find the boot boaster for disable it and also the F9 key doesn’t work when I star the computer. Can you help, Please..

  6. Thanks so much. I’d forgotten the root password on my EEEPC 1000, and I just want to use it as a file server for git backups. This http://practicalrambler.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-boot-asus-eee-pc-1000h-from.html only gave me half the information (I had to disable ‘quick boot’ AND ‘quiet boot’ in the boot configuration menu at startup, after pressing F2), but this article (above) told me to hit ESC repeatedly at reboot, and then choose my USB drive containing the Ubuntu ISO using the arrow keys, then hit enter. This then started the Ubuntu installation process.

  7. I have tried everything please help.
    I have removed hard drive, cmos battery and ram but still not able to gain access to bios.
    Usb’s not working.
    It once went into “press F1 to continue or F2 to go into setup”…. i pressed F1 to see if it would boot and all i got was an AHCI error blue screen. Its an ASUS EEE pc R101D.

    At the moment its stuck at
    1-entering setup
    2-Press ESC for BBS popup
    3-Press F9 for image recovery
    4-Press ALT+F2 for Asus EZ Flash
    DDR II-533/CL4, Single Channel Mode
    Initializing USB Controllers.

    Tried F9, F2, ESC.

    • make your USB boot able before installation.
      write cmd in run
      list disk
      select disk 1,2 etc
      create partition primary
      select partition 1
      format fs=ntfs
      xcopy c:\*.*/s/e/f d:\

      c= your CD ROM drive & d= your USB drive

      Hop It will help you
      Muhammad Nasir
      Big Bang Computers Talagang

  8. hey guys

    little problem here, i hope you could give me some advice :)

    i am trying tot get my 1225B-GRY010 booting from USB. I have removed the HDD and installed SSD.

    unfortunately i cannot choose USB in the BIOS. Also BootBooster is not found on BIOSscreen

    i want to boot from USB (usb> external DVDstation) to install new Win7.

    can anyone tell me why i cannot select USB in the BIOS-Bootsection??

    am i doing something wrong?

  9. Hello,
    I have an EEE-PC 900 and I’ve lost my EEE-PC password,
    I copied the EEE-PC DVD on my usb flash drive,
    but I can’t boot it from there, and every time I want to boot it from there,
    It says ‘booting from usb flash drive’ like for ever.
    (I also have no boot booster, how can I get it from there?)
    Can someone please help me?


  10. Thanks for your rapid reply Francesco – and apologies for confusing this thread. I will post my question as you suggest under a separate topic.

  11. I have an ASUS X5DIJ that refuses to boot from a bootable DVD factory restore disk though it will boot up from a MS XP disk. I used a bootable CD WIN 7 repair disk to run DISKPART routines. (The WIN XP disk fails when it comes to load the hard disk because the correct drivers for the hard disk are not on it and the WIN 7 repair disk cannot repair anything because the hard disk has been cleaned – see below.).

    The factory restore disk boots fine on an older HP machine that runs XP. The hard drive on the ASUS has been wiped completely using DISKPART CLEAN ALL and it now has a clean new primary partition formatted NTFS which shows healthy using DISKPART.

    I have read through hundreds of web pages about this problem but there is just no solution to this rotten bootup situation. THe BIOS is OK, it selects the DVD drive as primary bootup OK, the DVD drive is OK, the Hard drive is OK, the bootable media is OK – what the hell is wrong???

    • Jim,
      spamming multiple comments asking for help regarding a totally different model of notebook (not even a netbook) won’t get you an answer any faster. This post is about ASUS EEE and similar PCs, and you attached a lot of unrelated informations (which I removed for the sake of clarity) that are confusing for other people trying to solve boot problems with their netbooks. In the future, please use the “Ask a question” link at the top of the page to ask new questions.

      I do not own an ASUS X5DiJ. Based on what you wrote, I understood the following:

      – You wiped out the entire hard drive, which means that you might have also removed a recovery partition that is usually present in Windows laptops. This means you lost the possibility to do a system restore from that partition, and probably wasn’t a good move in your case.

      – It’s not clear to me what you exactly mean by “Win 7 Repair Disk” and “bootable DVD factory restore disk”. If you need to reinstall Windows 7, just grab a Windows 7 Install DVD (http://blog.duber.cz/wp-content/uploads/win7_dvds.jpg), boot from it and follow the instructions on screen. Unless you have other kinds of problems, your laptop HAS to boot from an OEM install DVD.

  12. Well, I have some problems with my eeePc 1015bx.. in bios boot meniu , when I choose HARD DRIVE BBS priorities, in boot options it only shows my hard drive , not my usb stick… … USB stick happens gone to Floopy drive BBS. How I can take it back to the hard drive bbs ( because earlier usb stick was in the hard drive bbs) ? Sorry , I know my ENG skills isnt samething I shoud be proud of 😀

  13. Hi i have a Asus EEE pc 1001PQ and i want to do a Factory Restore. I’ve got no bootbuuster in the boot section in my BIOS. What can I do? Thx

  14. Excellent instructions. Worked perfectly. Thank you very much. I am glad I learned how to do this now and not when my netbook crashes. Thanks again, much appreciated!

  15. Boot Booster already was disabled at my boot menu, but disabling gateway express did the trick for me. After that, I was able to select USB from the esc boot menu.

  16. From looking at this, and also searching the Asus website, I’m convinced the BIOS is damaged.
    Looks like I’ll have to replace the motherboard (replacing the BIOS is beyond my skill level, it would require soldering) :(
    Thanks for the effort you put in to this. :)

  17. I’ve tried booting with nothing in the usb ports. No luck.
    It POST’s all the time, but it hangs while trying to enter setup.
    I’m still trying to find out what’s going on with it.

    • Googling around I found an official guide from ASUS. It reports the exact same process described in the recipe. It may be that you are experiencing an hardware problem that’s beyond my knowledge, sorry :-). You may try updating the BIOS at your own risk, as I can’t guarantee it will work…

  18. My modifications to this advice for the ASUS 1225b in BOLD

    Turn off your netbook.
    Turn it on, and keep pressing F2 repeatedly unless the BIOS screen appears.
    Ignore this step In the Boot section, disable Boot Booster. It no longer exists
    You will see three boot priorities, which you can change, which I did.
    At first I just changed the boot priorities so my usb was first, and wasn’t able to start the Linux installation. I went back and noticed the Hard disk boot configuration (in gray below the boot priorities) and it opened another window and showed hard disk boot priorities, so I changed those too, to reflect my usb as first priority. Then it worked.
    Plug your bootable USB key in a USB port.
    Press F10, then Enter to confirm. The netbook will reboot.

    I can’t remember if linux starts to load automatically, or if I had to also follow the instruction below
    Keep pressing ESC repeatedly unless a boot menu appears. The menu displays a list of bootable devices. Choose your USB key and press Enter.
    You’re done! You may want to re-enable Boot Booster following steps 1 to 3 again, and then pressing F10 and Enter to confirm the changes you made to the BIOS configuration.

    It’s loading now…

    • The comment was edited in collaboration with the original author in order to better clarify the steps taken for the ASUS 1225b netbook. Thanks Kityspit!

      • Hi! Try to boot up with only your bootable USB drive plugged in. Disconnect every other USB peripheral. Have you tried using different USB drives? Also, could you provide the exact netbook model you are using?

        • Eee PC 1005hab running Win 7 starter. It’s my mother-in-law PC, trying be a good son in law. :)
          I have a external CD drive and a spare Windows 7 install disc(valid key)

          • So, this recipe uses USB drives, not USB external CD drives. I guess that if you disconnect your external USB CD drive, the boot screen will not hang anymore. Coming back to your question, I will assist you so we can come up with another recipe to help people having your same problem.

            If your goal is to install Windows 7 from the install disc you have, you can create a bootable USB key from that CD. Doing so will enable you to follow the information contained in this recipe. This is a two step process: you have to create an ISO image of your Windows CD (for example by using ISODisk or your CD burning software of choice) and then use this Microsoft tool to create the bootable USB key from the ISO file. Then just follow the instructions contained in the recipe!

            If you just want to restore your netbook to factory settings you may use the hidden recovery partition, following this ASUS troubleshooting page. This involves connecting an external CD drive though, and this will bring you back to a hanging boot sequence (by the way, did you try your external CD drive on other PCs to make sure it works properly?).

            Please let me know if you managed to solve this problem, and if you need more help. Your feedback is critical to improve this website!

          • Here is the problem: If I do happen to get to the boot screen, it hangs showing the following:
            1-entering setup
            2-Press ESC for BBS popup
            3-Press F9 for image recovery
            4-Press ALT+F2 for Asus EZ Flash
            DDR II-533/CL4, Single Channel Mode
            Initializing USB Controllers..

            This is with nothing plug in the usb slots…

          • According to this spanish forum, your webcam may be defective. The built-in webcam indeed makes use of the USB controller. From this other forum, it looks like you can disable the webcam from the BIOS. Try this:

            1-Turn of the netbook.
            2-Turn it on, and keep pressing repeatedly ESC until you enter the BIOS screen. The trick is to try reaching the BIOS before the netbook starts scanning the USB controller.

        • i have the same problem with my asus 1015px. The thing is when i press esc key nothing will happen. I’ve tried flashing the bios but i’m still having the same issue. Now after flashing bios from 1301 to 1401, i tried to flash it again to 1301 however after pressing alt+f2 it will just go to a black screen and it wont flash anymore. Kindly help me.

          • According to Google, you have to press F2 while booting to enter the boot menu on the 1015px. Flashing the BIOS was definitely NOT needed.

            For example, at this link they state:

            The 1015PX does not have a CD Drive so the installation will have to be performed using a USB Stick. To create an Arch Linux USB Installer please see the article on installing from a USB. Once you have a bootable USB insert it into the 1015PX and press the F2 key during pre-boot to enter the boot menu and select which device to boot from.

      • I’m having a similar problem with an eee pc 1005ha. When I enter setup, it makes it through detecting the hard disk, then hangs.
        If I hit F2,Esc then it hangs on the entering setup screen, but the line that used to say “Press Esc for BBS POPUP” now says “Boot Selection Popup menu has been seelcted”.
        Why is this happening?

        • To access the bios screen on that model you need to press F2 repeatedly when you turn it on. If you enter setup without having any USB peripheral connected, does it work? Moreover, when are you pressing Esc? Which exact step of the recipe is not working?

          • To access setup, F2 must be pressed; however, to access the Boot Selection directly, Esc must be pressed afterwards. Entering the Boot Selection directly can bypass some errors in device detection, which is why I was trying it.

            Both methods( F2 and F2,Esc) have resulted in a POST screen with no further progress.

          • Got it! :-) What kind of errors are you seeing? Have you tried to unplug everything from the USB ports when booting up the netbook?

          • I’ve tried booting it with nothing in the usb ports. Same result.
            There is no explicit error, it just remains on the POST screen, entering setup, without ever getting there.

    • Kittyspit here. You also have to put in your USB key prior to pressing F2, or the USB won’t show up as an option to choose!

    • Hello, kityspit

      i am trying tot get my 1225B-GRY010 booting from USB. I have removed the HDD and installed SSD.

      unfortunately i cannot choose USB in the BIOS.

      i want to boot from USB (usb> external DVDstation) to install new Win7.

      can anyone tell me why i cannot select USB in the BIOS-Bootsection??

  19. I have a problem with my ASUS EEE PC
    I do everything step by step and everythig seems to be fine.. but when I choose my USB as bootable device (step 8) it doesn’t start and Windows is loading again..

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  21. I can’t get this to work. I’m also using an external disk drive to try to boot from a DVD and that isn’t working either. Really frustrating. Any ideas? I’m not in love with Asus or Microsoft 7 starter right now.

      • Hello Mr. Zuiliani. I have an Asus 1001P. I spent a lot of time last night working through the steps and was stuck indefinitely on step 8. I eventually gave up and installed the latest version of Ubuntu on my Asus. I was planning to use a Microsoft/Ubunta combo (partitioned) on my computer as I have in the past. But I was so frustrated with the process and MS 7 that I just decided to go all Linux. I’m pretty happy so far. I may have just ended my long relationship with MS forever. Thanks for your help though!

  22. Going to the BIOS and setting the USB as first boot never worked for the 1005HAB but your advise my friend worked..thanks a lot